Added financial peace of mind
by WealthGuarding™ your investments.


WealthGuard™ is the first and only complete portfolio monitoring system. It watches all of your money, including accounts not managed by FormulaFolios, to help protect your money from market risk.

The simplicity of WealthGuard™ is what also makes it so powerful.

As an investor, you are able to set a WealthGuard™ Percentage. This is the maximum percentage you feel comfortable seeing an account decline from its highest closing value before having your advisor make a change to a more conservative investment mix.

This creates a defined plan, one that is specifically designed to help investors avoid making ill-timed mistakes, and truly protect the money you’ve worked hard to save.

WealthGuard™ is provided to all FormulaFolios clients, on all their investment accounts, at no additional cost. We even provide it for free on accounts you want to have monitored and protected that are not managed by an advisor, like your 401(k), self-managed investment accounts, and college savings plans.

How Does WealthGuard™ Work?

WealthGuard™ is one-of-a-kind in that it does 3 things automatically to help protect your money.

  1. Gain Clarity.
    Get a single point of reference for protecting your entire net worth, the WealthGuard number. This simple reference means you always know where you stand, and that you’re always on track.
  2. Take Control.
    WealthGuard allows you and your advisor to set your exposure to market conditions and automatically trigger processes to adjust to the market.
  3. Increase Confidence.
    It’s easier to sleep at night knowing WealthGuard is automatically monitoring all your assets to help you protect your gains and guard against losses.

With WealthGuard, you and your advisor are better able to work together, to protect your complete financial picture.


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Enjoy financial peace of mind
by WealthGuarding™ your investments.

WealthGuard™ is a complete portfolio monitoring system. Designed by determining the amount of downside risk a client is willing to tolerate, WealthGuard™ is added to client accounts to help protect from downside risk. WealthGuard™ is not a stop-loss strategy. When the account value in the portfolio hits the targeted downside value, an alert is sent to the client, advisor, and money manager. The money manager trades the account, as indicated on the WealthGuard™ agreement. Investing entails risks, including the potential of loss of principal. Performance is not guaranteed. Past performance is no indication of future results.