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Release Notes

September 18, 2020

The FormulaFolios Digital Platform is a suite of tools designed to help independent financial advisors operate their businesses more efficiently, enabling them to spend less time doing paper work and more time doing good for their clients.

This page offers bi-weekly status updates from our Engineering and Project Management teams, detailing development progress and recently delivered product updates.

Advisor Portal


  • A new and improved search bar has been added to the Resources section. You no longer need to filter through each sub category. Simply type the title of the resource you are trying to find in the search bar and watch as it returns all applicable results. Try it out here.
  • Client beneficiary information can now be added in the Client Information section. This is the first step toward pre-filling TD Ameritrade Applications during digital account opening.


  • The podcast player on Retirement Tips is now easier to see and use. Check it out here.
  • Additional safeguards have been added to the webinar registration process. All field entries are now tracked and reviewed in our database, allowing us to catch registrations that could have previously fallen through the cracks.