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Release Notes

August 7, 2020

The FormulaFolios Digital Platform is a suite of tools designed to help independent financial advisors operate their businesses more efficiently, enabling them to spend less time doing paper work and more time doing good for their clients.

This page offers bi-weekly status updates from our Engineering and Project Management teams, detailing development progress and recently delivered product updates.

Advisor Portal


  • We added the ability for you to include a 403b account when creating a proposal. This account type is available at TD Ameritrade, Fidelity and Charles Schwab. If you have a 403b account at another custodian, it can still be considered in the proposal, but will be labeled as “held-away”. A “held-away” account will not be present on the proposal PDF, however it is used to calculate the optimal allocations. You can access this new feature here.
  • We have also added a review page for accounts submitted digitally. The review page will allow you to see the history of what was sent including the account type, submitted date, TD Ameritrade account number, and much more. You can access the new feature by selecting the digitally opened account from the Accounts page. This is accessible for advisors approved for Digital Account Opening.

Investor Onboarding

Investor Onboarding is currently in Alpha—an internal testing phase to allow our Engineering team to suss out any significant bugs or usability issues and develop additional features to improve overall functionality.


  • Advisors can now reset the email invitation if their investor has accidentally failed to validate their identity.
  • We continued to refine the investor’s view to only show features they can perform, while hiding ones their custodians don’t currently support.
  • Investors can now receive email notifications for any opted in loss monitoring program.
  • Advisors can now upload additional files to simplify registration for their investors.

Retirement Wealth Academy &

Bug Fixes

  • On the Retirement Wealth Academy course search page, half of the search bar was hidden, making it difficult for a potential registrant to type information into the box. We have since fixed that and the page is now showing the entire search bar.