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Release Notes

June 12, 2020

The FormulaFolios Digital Platform is a suite of tools designed to help independent financial advisors operate their businesses more efficiently, enabling them to spend less time doing paper work and more time doing good for their clients.

This page offers bi-weekly status updates from our Engineering and Project Management teams, detailing development progress and recently delivered product updates.

Advisor Portal


  • TD Ameritrade Digital Account opening is now available for eligible advisors using rep code 9DW or 85C. Digital account opening helps eliminate “Not In Good Order” issues, expedites account opening, and promotes success remote signing. All eligible advisors received notification of their access on Monday 6/8. If you are unsure of your eligibility, please contact the Advisor Services Team at
  • You can now archive clients. To do so, visit the “Clients” page, find the client you’d like to archive, and click on the three dot icon followed by the “Archive” button.
  • We’ve moved the main navigation to the top of the page. All functionality remains the same, this change simply makes the app easier to use.
  • We’ve added several new training articles to the Intercom Help Center. You can access them directly through the Help Center or by opening the Intercom chat bubble in the lower right corner of the Advisor Portal.

Investor Onboarding

Investor Onboarding is currently in Alpha—an internal testing phase to allow our Engineering team to suss out any significant bugs or usability issues and develop additional features to improve overall functionality.


  • Any accounts that need to be resubmitted by the investor will now be displayed under Tasks.
  • The account form will now indicate when, according to the specified delivering firm, a wet signature is required for an account transfer.

Retirement Wealth Academy &


  • You are now able to track the number of conversions from course registrant to client in the Retirement Wealth Academy course dashboard. Tracking also includes the amount and type of business closed per registrant (AUM, Insurance, Other). This information is then used to calculate and display a new performance snapshot for each course which includes a variety of ROI metrics based on campaign budget allocation.