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Release Notes

May 15, 2020

The FormulaFolios Digital Platform is a suite of tools designed to help independent financial advisors operate their businesses more efficiently, enabling them to spend less time doing paper work and more time doing good for their clients.

This page offers bi-weekly status updates from our Engineering and Project Management teams, detailing development progress and recently delivered product updates.

Advisor Portal


  • Intercom has now been integrated into the platform. Advisors can now chat with FormulaFolios Staff directly through their Advisor Portal dashboard, vote for upcoming features, leave product feedback and access helpful knowledgebase articles, including articles that address the Covid-19 crisis.

Investor Onboarding

Investor Onboarding is currently in Alpha—an internal testing phase to allow our Engineering team to suss out any significant bugs or usability issues and develop additional features to improve overall functionality.


  • Clients can now view updated TD Ameritrade account beneficiaries when TD Ameritrade applies changes on their end
  • We now indicate to investors that trade confirmations are not available for TD Ameritrade accounts, since TD Ameritrade currently does not provide an API for us to retrieve them
  • If an investor is a permanent resident, we’ve added the ability for them to remove an uploaded permanent resident card during the onboarding process, in case the wrong file was uploaded in error

Retirement Wealth Academy


  • We needed a way to differentiate between online and in-person courses, so we added a hover feature to the map pins on the course search page to do just that.
  • We also added “Free ONLINE course” text to all online course listings in the search sidebar.