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Release Notes

October 30, 2020

The FormulaFolios Digital Platform is a suite of tools designed to help independent financial advisors operate their businesses more efficiently, enabling them to spend less time doing paper work and more time doing good for their clients.

This page offers bi-weekly status updates from our Engineering and Project Management teams, detailing development progress and recently delivered product updates.

Advisor Portal


  • If you are eligible for digital account opening, the “Open New Accounts” button will always be visible when working with client accounts (previously, the button was only shown after creating a digital proposal). Clicking the “Open New Accounts” button will begin the guided account opening process via Docusign & TD Ameritrade.
  • The default account monitoring election is now set to “Notification Only”. Your ability to select any other available account monitoring election when creating a proposal has not changed.

Retirement Wealth Academy & Retirement Tips


  • podcast listeners can now find our podcasts on Spotify and iTunes. Listeners can access these new options on any podcast page. Check it out here.