FormulaFolios uses a combination of both proprietary investment strategies and select third party money manager strategies. Each client account will be customized to include some or all strategies based on our proprietary asset allocation algorithm. Below you can learn more about each strategy.

Tactical Growth


This strategy employs ETFs to focus on broad-growth investment categories, which include the total stock market, the total bond market, real estate, and commodities. The overall goal of the Tactical Growth strategy is to accentuate the asset classes that show the greatest potential for return with minimal risk.

Tactical Income


This strategy is a tactical asset allocation model using only income-based ETFs. Every day, the bond markets are analyzed to determine to what degree they should be invested in or if they should be invested at all. The ultimate goal of the Tactical Income is to produce consistent results while minimizing risk.

Total Return Growth


This strategy is a diversified total return model that analyzes markets in a unique way. Sometimes, the model will be fully invested to take advantage of upward market movements. Other times, it will unitize inverse index funds to hedge against market risk. The result is a portfolio that has the ability to produce non-market correlated returns, as well as the potential to produce positive returns in spite of failing equity markets.

Multi-Cap Equity


This strategy is our original individual stock portfolio. It uses a multi-market model to identify up to 20 stocks that represent a strong value based on the current market conditions. The multi-market component is what makes the model truly unique, as the model will only select stocks from defensive sectors when the market is in a downtrend. This allows for a flexible stock portfolio designed for all markets conditions.

Redwood Managed Volatility


This strategy focuses exclusively on fixed income securities and is managed by Redwood Investments. The strategy seeks to manage downside risk while also increasing returns by monitoring the trends in high yield bond markets.

BCA Managed Risk

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This strategy focuses exclusively on fixed income securities and is managed by BCA Investments. The strategy uses a proprietary model to identify yield spreads in various fixed income investments and allocate to only those that exhibit better than average risk to reward ratios.