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Watch the video below to see how Sam Duell is on his way to the
best year of his career after switching to FormulaFolios.
Who this is for?
Our Digital Platform is a value offering available exclusively to financial advisors with at least $5MM in AUM and are open to a relationship with FormulaFolios.
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Why Sam Made the Switch from His Old RIA
Sam was getting a lot of promises from his RIA, but not a lot of substance. Implementing our investment technology and digital marketing programs simplified Sam’s business and powered its growth, which gave him more time to devote to his top priority as a financial advisor: serving his clients.

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The FormulaFolios Advantage
The cornerstone of a great financial plan is a sound investment process. We use smart formulas to help automate good decisions and avoid bad ones. The decisions our portfolios make are based on proven, academic research.
The RIA of the future.
We created the first tech-powered RIA made exclusively for financial advisors, empowering you to grow your business and help more people.
We have your back.
Our in-house compliance team, CFPs, CPAs, and CFAs help support your back office operations, including the building of high-quality financial plans for your clients.
Grow with your business.
Get access to world-class peer-led training and coaching by some of the most successful advisors in our industry.
Better marketing, better results.
Our curated content network generates a consistent stream of super low-cost leads in your local market looking for financial advice. Our system automatically builds a database of long-term prospects and sends them contingent offers that result in financial planning appointments with you.
Digital hybrid strategy.
We use online mechanisms to market local classes hosted at universities to help you get in front of larger groups of high-quality prospects.
Focus on growth.
We’re committed to offering advisors smart and modern ways to grow their advisory practice, and avoid wasting money on costly but worthless traditional marketing ideas.
Making it easy.
Our digital marketing platform does all the heavy lifting for you, allowing you to focus on what you do best: providing financial advice to your clients.
“Since I made the switch to FormulaFolios, I feel like I’ve been on the absolute cutting edge.”
Sam Duell
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