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The financial industry needed changing. So we changed it.

Our goal is simple: to help our advisors better serve their clients. We set out to change a self-serving industry that has failed to provide real value to its customers. With a FormulaFolios affiliated advisor, your best interests are always put first.

Working with FormulaFolios

FormulaFolios is only available through select, fee-based, fiduciary financial advisors. Together, we deliver goal-based financial planning and automated portfolio management focused on your long-term goals.

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  • The Client (You)
  • Every investor is different. Risk tolerance, financial goals and investment opportunities all influence where your money is allocated. When you partner with a FormulaFolios advisor, you can rest assured that your money is being put to work in the most efficient way possible.
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  • Your Advisor
  • Advisors who work with FormulaFolios have industry leading tools at their disposal. Smart portfolio management, paperless investor onboarding and WealthGuard all help expand the ways in which your advisor can help you pursue your financial goals.
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  • FormulaFolios
  • Our portfolios make decisions based on proven, academic research, not emotions, automatically selecting ideal positions geared towards reducing risk, fees, and taxes. That means advisors spend less time moving money and more time helping their clients pursue their goals.


WealthGuard, an early warning system for your investments, is available free of charge on every FormulaFolios account. WealthGuard helps you focus on your long-term goals while helping protect your investments from market downturns.

How can an investment firm do good?

FormulaFolios aims to foster an environment of respect among our employees and clients. We strive to add value to the world around us and promote a culture of volunteerism. In addition to team events, each employee is offered 20 paid hours per year to volunteer for causes of their choosing.

“My greatest joy comes from the opportunities we've been able to create in the communities we operate in. I'm continually amazed at the hard work, gratitude, and kindness I see in our team.”

Jason Wenk

Our Team

Jason Wenk

Gabriel Talavera

Drake Baar

Jared Schilling

Thad Braun

Josh Woodward

Stanley Wielga

Eric Watkins

Grace DeMann

Tom Atwell

Brandon Geels

Alex Righi

Keith Lavender

Lisa Mange

Amber Rogers

Sarah Hunt

Daniel Popkin

Liz Valliere

Eva Xiao

Amanda Baarman

Jason Pau

Christine Chen

Ben Webster

Stephanie Preston

Coty Franklin

Sarah Powsner

Charles Pitcher

Danielle Tyler

Derek Prusa

Kayla Ziegler

Jalen Gipson

Tom McKenzie

Kaleigh Metz

Seth Hicks

Jill Mast

Brian Evans

Andrew VanDerSchaaf

Emily Kuiper

Linny Milliron

Kelli Gulch

Diane Ferris

Stephen Roellin

Patrick Hays

Josh Jongsma

Jade Rossback

Spencer Mandzik

Amanda Towner

Lindsay McCoy

Mohammed Khudhur

Brooke Tompkins

Matthew Vo

Mark Rougas

Jeff Stukey

Sarah Mozdren

Ben Pham

Jamie Kwok

Steve Witte

Madelyn Beek

Chase Smith

Katherine Eugenio

Joel VanWoerkom

Paige Peabody

Kevin Min

Laura Nelson

Melina Bhula

Lies Rusticus

Curtis Wells

Cheyenne Slachter

Sal Fuentes

Ko Kawazoe

Samantha Mitchell

Cortnie Hower

Mark Bowers

Matt Voss

Jason Crump

Evan Lalo

Tom Bouwkamp

Steve Kitchen

Mike Johnson

Kevin Travis